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Ariki: (also Alii or Arii) a Polynesian chief, noble, or king


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i'm Ariane

A creative centipede with my feet planted firmly in events. Like the name Ariki suggests, I just love being at the head of a team, working together to get things done. It’s also a wink at my mixed heritage - half Belgian, half Aussie. This means I am both practical and playful, creative and straightforward and I reply to “goeiemorgen” and “g’day”.


For several years now, I have been passionate about finding original, out of the box solutions for all kinds of event. Making the client’s vision come to life is what I live for.

So what is it I do?

Well, as Production Manager, I make sure all is as it should be. I start by organising and planning everything from A to Z: what does the client want, how can we achieve this, what are the technical requirements, how many people are needed, the whole shebang! After that, it’s time to get my hands dirty. I love to build decorations - especially when wood fabric is involved - I help get the technical fixed installation up and running and lead teams of up to 50 people for a perfect result!


HOW did i end up here?

I finished school with a Bachelor degree as Theater Technician, but quickly realised my ambition was bigger than that. I started out as a stagehand, working for a touring company for several years before finally taking the step to Production Manager.

What's next ?

I love leading a team and producing events or jobs, surrounded by other people. With a large network of qualified freelancers (in my little black book), I can instantly create a professional and strong team. Over the years, I've come to realise that this is what I do best, but it's also what I want to become even better at. There's no perfect way to lead a team, but it sure helps if you have a great team to lead!


When I'm not thinking about technical solutions, I can really lose myself in coming up with the perfect decoration item and using my hands to build it from scratch. Those two go hand in hand, and finding that perfect combo can really make my day!

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